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MediaMob is the brand umbrella under which a broad range of technology orientated media structures, programs and products operate. MediaMob is a part of the RGC Holdings structure which was incorporated in 2002 with a vision to pursing high growth ventures in various sectors of the economy. Product offerings range from national display networks, media intelligence platforms and social media software enablers. Core development surrounds big data and artificial intelligence initiatives, with a focus on agile model driven development to be applied at scale.

The company has expanded its local infrastructure to include a full development center based at the Cape Town Head Office, a Gauteng sales office opening in April 2017 and plans for a London office in early 2018. All support structures and management technologies have been kept in-house to ensure client deliverables of the highest level are guaranteed.


An extensive network of centrally controlled digital display systems located at various broadcast points around the entire country.


A prime broadcast zone comprising medium and large retail shopping complexes enabled via a proprietary Participation Streaming Platform (PSP).


We offer media partnerships that structure the host involvement in a way that best suits their financial and corporate objectives.

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